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Frequently asked questions are created to fast-up the process so you get answers for some common questions. Please feel free to ask me any more questions.

Which services do you offer?

I am a Multi-disciplinary designer and works to create Web, Mobile and Print designs. This includes a wide category of designs. In other words, you can contact me if you need any 2D designs which can create in Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Indesign.

Secondly, I offer services for Animations in Flash and GIF format. These are mainly use for Advertising banners or Character animations but not limited to this.

How much it will cost to hire you and to complete my project?

It solely depends on the type and complexity of your project. There are numerous categories like Logo design, Webpage design, Banner design, Poster design and many others. You must have to send me the outline requirements including the category of your required design and a rough idea of style required.

The best way is to EMAIL ME with these initial requirements so I proceed to help.

Did you ever work particularly related to my industry?

Due to my long working experience and created a wide range of categories in my career, I can work on any industry designs. A good designer is never bound to any particular category, instead he can create any type of designs weather he previously created that or not. Same like this, I just need your instructions for the task and ready to create suitable design right according to required feel and deserving style after having an initial draft.

What will be the Turn-around time to complete my project?

For some quick projects as well as for updates in running projects, I usually demand 24 hours as turn-around time excluding the project's actual workload time. It makes me easy to manage with all projects in-hand and deliver in committed time period.

For the projects having 40 hours or more work load, I need to have minimum 3 days turnaround time extra than the actuall workload time.

The turnaround time is always flexible to decrease but not to increase.

Will there any deadline to complete my project?

Yes. The deadline will provided by you before the project start right according to your ease. I will then confirm if that suits my schedule. I often work in short deadlines in case of urgency to clients but prefer to get a reasonable working time so that deserving research & development for the project can take place.

Will I able see the design in-progress or you will send me after fully completed?

You can see your design in progress stages. I send daily or weekly status reports for the assignments I am working on. You will get either the status of project or the visual design in-progress via email. This helps Clients to understand if the project is going right way.

What are your accepted Payment modes?

For most projects, I request 50% down payment and rest 50% take upon completion of project before submission of final files. You can send payments via Bank transfer or via Paypal. The exact terms and conditions will be send to you in my proposal before contract start.

I also work on weekly or monthly payments which are limited to regular projects and selected clients only. For this payment mode, I create a Google docs spreadsheet to record- Order date, Project requirements, Hours taken, Amount charged and Delivery date- to send along with weekly or monthly invoice.

Do you work by your own or have any team?

For a complete range of Designing and Animation projects, Yes, I work by my own and not forward my projects to another contractors unless otherwise required. This means that you will deal and communicate directly with me and I will work on your project by my own.

I have a small team of employees who work in SEO, Marketing, Technical writing, HTML, Java and Word press but that is a different proportion and separate office of working.

I live in a different country than yours. Is it still possible to work together efficiently?

Sure, in fact most of my clients residing in other countries. I work with clients live in various regions like Canada, Australia, USA, Norway, New Zealand etc. It's very common practice and easy to work through internet starting from taking instructions of project, work on it, getting paid online and delivering the project.

The most beneficial thing to hire an outside contractor over a local sitting employee is that you need not to pay for sitting charges and a fix salary which can disrupt your budget. Moreover, it gives you the opportunity to work with a best worker around the globe.

Message to Prospective clients

Never compromise to choose only the best candidate. No doubt that many claim that “I am the best” but you have to decide that who can really achieve your mark and you can trust on. I believe that I am above all those competitions and share my proofs without uproar claims. My previous work portfolio and client reviews are best proofs for my skills level.  

It’s you only who will decide a particular Best candidate according to your way of technical, logical, traditional or experienced thinking. Why you must learn to choose the best candidate out of the crowd? Remember, your wrong decision can put you even down by wasting your time and money, however your right decision will make achieve your project as well as can open new beneficial ways by working with multi-disciplinary, experienced candidate.

Invested money hardly matters if your goal is achieved and open new ways for long term earnings. Doing and Taking best work in each step of your business can lead you to new heights. There is no doubt that experienced candidates have better strategies over cheap candidates and your goal can achieve in fast and efficient ways, without any stress and bother on your side. Experienced candidates can also provide you surprising benefits and can advise you in certain area which may lead you to grow up. This is the satisfaction more than expectations in real words.


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