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Hello I'm Pushpinder Rangru

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I am a multi-disciplinary designer, work in various creative arts for Digital & Print media. My specialty lies in UX/UI, PRINT LAYOUTS and BRAND IDENTITY DESIGNING.

An artist, age 27+, working full time for clients around the globe. I have exceptional designing skills in various creative arts like UX/UI, Print layouts, Typography, Character designing, Digital Paintings, Illustrations, Brand Identity Designs, Vectors, Web & Mobile designs and Social Media designs. Let's Talk!


Photoshop - 92%
Illustrator - 88%
indesign -67%
flash -85%
MS office -80%
Current working

I create a huge category of designs but below are the most demanding products I work on:

Graphic Designs

  • Info-graphics
  • Illustrations
  • Character designs
  • Brochures
  • Pamphlets
  • Flyers
  • Letter head
  • Business cards
  • Post cards
  • Vector graphics
  • T-shirt designing
  • Label designing

Web & Mobile Designs

  • Brand identity designs
  • Website & Headers
  • Mobile App designs
  • User Interface Designs
  • Logo / Fevicon Designs
  • Email Newsletter
  • Poster designing
  • Still Banners
  • Photo Retouching
  • Social Media Designs
  • Icons - Flat / 3D Style


  • Flash animated banners
  • Google adwords banners
  • Animated characters
  • GIF Animated Banners
  • Flash Story animation
  • Short animated Clips
    (basic AS 2.0)
  • MS word animations

MS Office

  • PDF Presentations
  • E-book designs
  • Report charts
  • Progress Reports
  • Stationery or Letterhead
working style

I understand that you need a design which not only should look best, but in deep, it must achieve the motive of its creation and become maximum fruitful to you. I always bear this in mind while creating things and delivers more than the expected result which is accurate and logically correct in creation. My designs always -

  • Retain some meaning
  • Simple and clean enough to understand
  • Merge with emotions of what that want to say
  • Logically accurate for brand, colors, style, feel and for target audience
  • Create by taking care of short and long term benefits, and most importantly
  • Create after complete research of initials
Duties and Responsibilities

1.  My Routine includes the creation of-

  • Print-ready graphics- Labels, Packages, Flyers, Pamphlets, Brochures, Letterheads, Business cards, T-shirt designs, Magazines, Post cards, Typography, Vector shapes etc.
  • Web & Mobile Designs- Website designs, Headers, Mobile App designs, User Interface Designs, Brand Identity Package, Email newsletter, Still Banners, Photo Retouching, Social Media designs etc.
  • Animations- Flash Animations for Ad banners & small Clips. GIF animation for Logos, images, Ad banners etc.
  • Illustrations- Vector Info-graphics, Animated illustrations, Mascot designs etc.
  • Presentations- MS word Slide designs, Slides Animation, E-book designing etc.
  • 2.  Communication with Clients for Project details, Instructions, Deadlines and overall requirements

    3.  Discuss with clients for solutions, best software and possible outcome as well as about the pit-falls regarding project

    4.  Estimate Turn-around time and Cost in USD to inform the client, before the confirmation of contract

    5.  Request for required initial files like Logo, Royalty-free images, Text document, Examples etc.

    6.  Create initial draft digitally or by hand to show or send daily status report including design updates, till 100% completion

    7.  Use different mediums to get knowledge of particular project and deliver with deserving feel, look, style & colors

    8.  Produce visual designs, Illustrations or Animations with suitable software and make to exceed client satisfaction

    9.  May create by own or supervise the project by passing that to Designing team members

    10.  Deliver the project in a zip folder, within deadline, including required File formats, Fonts, and other supporting files

    11.  Provide maintenance, support or updates / improvements with or without extra charge, as per contract commitments

    12.  Maintain good communication with clients so can have long working relations with them

    13.  Supervise my team, discuss projects in official meeting, assign duties and watch the progress for its successful completion.

    Work History
    • Successfully working with offshore clients since 2009
    • Completed approx. working hours more than 50,000 with best reviews
    • Work with clients on monthly/weekly bases around the globe
    • Become specialist in UX/UI, Brand Identity & Print layouts
    • Analyst of Creative arts and Works as a Quality Analyst
    • 10+ years of experience of Clients dealing & Task understanding
    • TOP Winner of many Creative art competitions
    Extra Skills

    Along with my creative designing art, I grown up getting experience of Brand business management and planning. I gain exceptional knowledge of Branding, Business plans & Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Technical Contents and Article writing while running my own creative business company. I understand a Brand strategy or How your Brand should Build, get Progress by intelligent Plans and then Maintain itself with well settled rules. All above stated Brand Progress works only by my SEO based Designing. I create User friendly clean designs which win the heart of Target market. By this way, my smart designs work for you. I always try to deliver not only the Designs but a 'Smart Design' which must be beneficial to you and achieve your Motive of creating that design.

    I am an expert user of Flash and feel standing at skills 90% level as far as Flash Animation is concerned. I am working since 2008 in Flash Advertising banners for Google AdSense and for other private advertising companies. Animation for Headers, Logo Animation, Icons animation, Story clip animation, Funny character animations, Text animation, splash pages animation, Mobile games & apps animation and Vector shapes animations are most common animations I continue create in my routine working.
    - Animation in GIF is also very popular due to very light in size. Logo Animation, Funny Images animation, Advertising Banners animation and Icons animation are my usual creations.

    Apart from working as a Creative designer, I also work on HTML-css coding files. I have an average working knowledge for this part but never stopped myself learning and exploring it to next level. My HTML-css skills always work for me whenever I need this in urgency.

    Webapex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

    As a senior creative designer for Webapex Technologies Pvt. Ltd., I work for the office of Webapex with a small team of 10 to 15 experts. Skilled in different steams from SEO, Marketing, Technical writing, HTML, Java to Word press, I manage the team in various effective ways. We particularly work on long term projects where I manage for Client relations, Project management and Team leading. Quality assurance is also my responsibility for Creative designs.

    Creative Art competitions

    Having a vast confidence in my art, I never think twice to take part in Creative competitions. Starting from my schooling till now, I enjoy working with my competitors and assume that the competitions are best source to improve one's self. My Creative work always got wow impression whether it was my HUT drawing in 1st standard or it's my recent KANDO Logo design for Yamaha in worldwide competition at Japan.

    Awards won

    Check out my Awards won at different occasions till now

    • Painting competition (Jan. 1998): THIRD Position
    • Poster making- Ropar zone youth festival (Nov. 2002): APPRECIATED
    • Cartoon making- Ropar zone youth festival (Nov. 2002): SELECTED for Final competition
    • Cartooning- Zonal youth festival (2002-03): FIRST Position
    • Painting- Punjabi Uni. competition, Morinda (2003): FIRST Position
    • College Color- AWARDED for Best Creative Arts, by Mata Gujri College, FGS
    • Certificate of Merit - AWARDED for Creative Activities, by Desh Bhagat university
    • Illustration- Kando: Graphic Design Award by YAMAHA (2015): SHORTLISTED
    Design Quality- Portfolio

    Believe in minimalist and decent graphics creation which give an impact of clean environment to the target audience. My Unique, Simple, To-the-point and User-friendly designs always become rememberable to the visitor whether it is a Logo design, App design, Package design or any other design. For Loud and Complex themes, I become killer to make it stand out. Have a look at my versatile designs.

    Click below to see complete portfolio

    working levels
    • Quick to work in short deadlines
    • Works 10 hours a day, Online 24 hours, Available 15 hours for quick chat
    • Easy available on [Voice / written] - Skype, Hangouts, Gmail
    • Unlimited updates till your full satisfaction
    • Always provide maximum of what you expect
    • Most better design than competitors
    • Good eye to create & describe amazing designs for any business
    • Work with MOU, Job offer, NOC or other required contracts in written


    What my clients say about me

    I work with a good number of clients around the world and got positive reviews most of the times. I work with Brokers, Entrepreneurs, Small business companies and few are even big names residing in Australia, New zealand, Canada, USA and Norway including other regions.
    What they said about me! Its important for you to check and then HIRE ME


    A short background

    I love colors. My journey started with simple hand drawing though creativity was inbuilt inside. I used to play with designs from my early childhood and often drew sketches on the back of my school notebooks, on white papers, even on the walls. I made many beautiful models dirty in daily newspapers at home by creating their mustaches... funny. But with the passage of time, I don't remember how and when I started creating things professionally in just my early teen age. My art started getting attention in my school and I began to recognize as a child artist with lot of my drawings shown at the activities board of school. I started feeling proud to be called as an Artist.

    I created many sketches, paintings & drawings on canvas with pencil shades, water colors and oil paints respectively before joined my freelancing business. Once after entered in virtual art and started commitments for online projects, I hardly get time to look back at physical art. Instead I become handy to create Digital Paintings with virtual pen now. It's a good improvement with time, no!

    Fine Art skills

    I am a drawing artist and created a number of hand drawings. The best thing came in life when my Passion became my Profession. This made me stand out of the crowd, because now I not only started creating things effortlessly but was doing them very accurately. Now my Digital art relies on a strong base- my roots ie my Fine art skills. It gives me a solid back to work with confidence and help me to calculated the logic of creation. I am blessed to put soul in my creations. Shared few out of many fine arts created by me along with one of my digital Painting created with virtual pen.
    Few Sketches, Oil/Water color Paintings, Character design and Digital Paintings


    Education & Work experience
    Bottom to Top

    2018:      Join WEBFRAMEZ for Graphic design services
    2016:      Work with IGNIVA INFOTECH as Senior Graphics designer
    2012:      Started with IT company- Webapex Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
    2009:     Started First job at IPAIT as Web and Graphics designer
    2008:     Completed 1 Year Diploma in Animation & Multimedia (PGDAM) at CDAC Mohali
    2006:     Completed 3 year Bachelor of Laws (Professional) from Punjabi University campus
    2003:     Completed 3 years Bachelor degree in Computer Applications (BCA)
    1983:     Born in a small town situated in the state of Punjab, India

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